Kimberly Brand: Care Coordinator

Before our adult consumers begin receiving services, they meet with a Care Coordinator like Kimberly Brand. Kimberly meets with people to understand what their lives are like today – and determine what services and resources will help them get where they want to be.

“In my role, I get to see the positive transformation in our consumers. I watch them overcome addictions, difficult life events, and mental health barriers to become increasingly independent, with greater self-confidence and an improved outlook on life.”

To help people transform their lives, Kimberly connects them with a variety of professionals at Adult & Child Center, including Skills Development Specialists, Staff Therapists, Psychiatrists, JobLinks staff, and nurses. She also connects them with resources to address immediate needs, like: Social Security benefits, healthcare coverage, housing, food, energy assistance, and clothing. Kimberly works as a liaison between internal staff, government supports and community organizations to help people get stabilized, so they can work with our care teams on their long-term goals.

“My role involves a lot of talking to a lot of people,” she says. “I hold everyone involved accountable to each other. And when a consumer stays engaged in services, and is working toward achieving personal goals, I know we have been successful.”

Kimberly remembers a client whose family was unsure she could remain in the community, due to her struggles with managing her finances and her poor relationship choices. “The family was considering moving her into a group home, but I could see the potential. I knew that if she would work with us, we could help her become more independent.”

Kimberly connected her with a Skills Development staff person, who taught her to use the bus system to get around town. There was an immediate increase in the woman’s confidence, and she began to believe that she could become independent. She continued her services with us, working with a Staff Therapist and Skills Development Specialist to build healthier relationships and become more self-sufficient.

“Her family is amazed at the turn-around,” says Kimberly.

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