The Indiana Department of Mental Health and Addiction and the Department of Child Services have collaborated with community partners in multiple Indiana cities to improve access to wraparound mental health services. Children’s Mental Health Wraparound Initiative and Children’s Mental Health Initiative are designed to identify and engage youth who experience behavioral health challenges and who meet specific eligibility criteria. Who is eligible? Indiana has defined the eligible population very clearly and children must meet these requirements to be considered under this project:

• The youth must be at least 6 years old but under 18.
• The youth must meet criteria for at least 2 DSM-IV TR diagnosis.
• CMHW youth must have Medicaid
• CMHI youth must NOT have Medicaid.
• Must NOT have a primary diagnosis of ADHD, substance abuse, or Autism Spectrum.
• The youth cannot have a diagnosis related to intellectual disabilities
• Significant impairments demonstrated by a CANS 4, 5, or 6. 21% of children aged 9-17 have a diagnosable mental illness.

What is Wraparound?

Wraparound is a method of treatment designed to “wraparound” the youth and their family in order to achieve a positive outcome. This process is done through building a team including natural supports, family, teachers, and others involved with the family that will meet monthly. Through this team process, families will develop plans to address needs of the youth and their family in the planning process, and develop a plan to address emergencies and safety concerns

How do I Make a Referral?

Any community agency or person can refer a family to Wraparound. Once referred, staff will contact the family directly.

Who Provides the Services?

Marion County Wraparound Services is a partnership between ADULT&child Center, Aspire Indiana, Gallahue Mental Health Center, and Midtown Mental Health Center and is the access point for CMHW/1915-I (Children’s Mental Health Wraparound), CMHI (Children’s Mental Health Initiative).

Marion County CMHI and CMWI Brochure

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