Family preservation is a program designed to support families in crisis by improving parenting and family functioning while keeping children safe in their home. Family preservation was developed out of recognition that children thrive in safe, nurturing, and stable environments and that separating sibling groups from their families can leave long lasting negative effects. The premise of family preservation revolves around the idea that all parents can learn to improve their parenting, time management, money management, behavioral management, and nurturing skills with intensive home based support and mentoring. Adult and Child Center's family preservation program works with single and dual parent families who are often referred to us by the Indiana State Department of Child Services. Our staff work very closely to identify and treat behavioral health issues, substance use concerns, and child safety concerns. A very intense level of services is required under this treatment philosophy in order to prevent the children from being removed from their home and placed in alternative care. This model of care has been proven to be highly effective and provides a rapid response to unstable environments in which health and safety are a mild to moderate concern.
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