A paper written by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) explains that mental health exists on a continuum that ranges from mental wellness to serious psychiatric disorders. Along that continuum, children develop the capacity to cope with challenges, control their behavior, solve problems, and maintain healthy relationships.

We support and promote the mission of the school.

Our staff support the learning process and work to enhance student behavior within the school environment. Over the years, Indiana school based mental health has grown into a true partnership between community mental health centers and school districts. This partnership has dramatically improved early intervention and access to mental health services among school aged youth. School based mental health is an important part of youth development because an estimated 20% of adolescents have a diagnosable mental health disorder. Early identification of these symptoms allow for more consistent diagnosis and earlier intervention. We help to identify emotional/behavioral barriers to learning, we inform and implement behavioral interventions, we recommend creative accommodations, and monitor progress.

Symptoms we often treat include:

• Frequent behavioral outbursts • Inability to pay attention in class • Sudden change in social interactions • Change in sleep or dietary patterns • Social withdrawal • Emotions do not match situations • Recent change in school grades • Inappropriate aggression or sadness • Feelings/thoughts of hurting oneself

Services we often provide include:

• Initial assessment • Individualized treatment plan • Psychiatric consultation • Classroom based interventions • Coordination between school and home • Parental engagement • IEP consultations • Behavior modification plan • Linkages to community supports

School Based Services Brochure

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