A gift to Adult and Child helps your neighbors lead healthier lives.

Adult and Child provides a wide variety of supports to people who live, and work, right here in Central Indiana. While our primary focus is on working with individuals and families who struggle with mental illness, the daily supports we provide can be seen in actions like helping a mother of three young children secure long term affordable housing and a job, helping a 3rd grader who struggles in school learn to better manage the symptoms of ADHD, or help a family torn apart by abuse rekindle the love that lies just below the surface of their addiction.

Life can be difficult. Each of us face life-altering challenges and decisions on a regular basis. Adult and Child works in our community, our schools, and our shelters to engage those individuals and families who have been pushed off track by life's challenges. We work hard to get them back on track and to teach them the skills they need to get, and stay, healthy.

Your gift will help us make a positive impact on the life of a local person, a neighbor, or a friend.

When you donate $25, you can:

- help 2 families strengthen their bonds through positive activities & role modeling.
- help to provide 1 months’ worth of public transportation for a job seeker.

When you donate $100, you can:

- help to provide training & supplies for a person seeking employment.
- support crucial “Mental Health First Aid” training to identify & support individuals in need

When you donate $500, you can:

- help an individual transition from homelessness to permanent housing.
- help us provide a safe & nurturing foster home to a child in need.

Adult & Child believes in walking along side our clients to help them take control of their lives and write the next chapter of their story. We help them see that mistakes, difficult circumstances, and missed opportunities do not define their future and there is always another chapter to be written.

Our name includes the ampersand “&”. A symbol of unity. A symbol of continuation. A symbol of more yet to come. With your help, we can continue our work to help people live healthier lives. They will have another chance, another day, another chapter.

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