Max Hoese Celebrates the “New” this New Year


This week, as we ring in the New Year, people across the world make New Year’s resolutions. “New Year, New You” is a common theme. If you’re making resolutions, but are unsure about being able to reach your goals, Max Hoese can serve as inspiration. He is living proof that  a “new you” is possible.

After 5 years in the Navy, Max spent the following 20 years living in the moment, with no plans for the future. “I would set goals, but wouldn’t ever work toward them. I didn’t believe I was going to reach them.”

In 2013, Max arrived in Indianapolis, homeless, with $10 in his pocket. While staying at a local homeless shelter, he saw a brochure about Adult & Child, whose services include helping homeless veterans. Max met with Adult & Child’s staff in January, 2014, and together they set a goal to find affordable housing, so he could move out of the homeless shelter where he had been living for 5 months. In February, Max moved into his new apartment; he will soon celebrate 2 years there. Since that time, Adult & Child has helped Max with a range of needs to enable him to remain self-sufficient, and housed.

“Every time I asked for help, they made time for me,” said Max. “They didn’t put me on the back burner. They really listen to the difficulties you’re facing. They go out of their way to make sure you’re not in that position for a long time.”

Lee Stone, an Outreach Specialist, helped Max establish a budget, and priorities – a first for him. Max credits this new focus on priorities, as well as his new network of support, with creating a lasting shift from his 20-year cycle of living day-to-day, sometimes being able to meet his needs and other times not, to today, when he is planning for the future and focusing on goals.

This year, Max Hoese has set his goals for 2016. And he intends to be among the 8% who will achieve them.

“Today, I’m calm,” said Max. “People have built up my confidence and helped me to believe in myself. I don’t want to let others down and I don’t want to let myself down.”

Adult & Child Partners with Jane Pauley CHC for Integrated Health



Adult & Child Center is partnering with the Jane Pauley Community Health Center to provide primary care services within Adult & Child’s behavioral health offices at 8320 Madison Ave., Indianapolis. The new integrated health clinic offers a team approach to total health care for ages 13 and older. The clinic opened its doors on Tuesday, December 15, 2015.

Integrated Care is a team approach that helps individuals be their healthiest selves – mind and body – by receiving coordinated whole health services all at one location. The Jane Pauley at Adult & Child Integrated Health Clinic will provide a full range of primary care and behavioral health services to address an individual’s physical and mental health.

“We know that individuals with mental health needs are at greater risk of having co-occurring chronic physical illness,” said Allen Brown, Adult & Child CEO. “This is an opportunity for behavioral health staff to work collaboratively with primary care staff to consider how someone’s physical health may be impacting their mental health, and vice versa.”

Marc Hackett, Executive Director of The Jane Pauley Community Health Center, said, “We are committed to providing affordable, accessible, and high-quality primary care services. Our expansion of clinic sites demonstrates the community’s need for low-cost, convenient primary care. This unique behavioral health partnership with Adult and Child helps us better meet the community’s needs for total health.”

We are proud to be one of only a few partnerships in the State of Indiana to leverage the resources of a Federally Qualified Health Center, a Community Mental Health Center, and a Licensed Child Placement Agency to collectively improve the lives of people who experience physical health concerns, mental illness, addictions, and trauma.

About Adult & Child: Adult & Child is a non-profit agency with services that help people live healthier lives and reach their goals. We support people of all ages, impacting every area of life. Our behavioral health and child welfare staff partner with clients to help them set goals for mental wellness and self-sufficiency, and meet those goals.

About The Jane Pauley Community Health Center: Established in 2009, The Jane Pauley Community Health Center serves the local community, regardless of insurance or income, with an emphasis on integrating medical and behavioral health. The center also focuses on the management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiac disease and depression. They served 5,870 unique patients in 2012.

Second Grader’s Thanksgiving Note: I am thankful for you

It doesn't get much better than receiving a note of appreciation from a second-grader, in crayon, on her Thanksgiving Turkey project. A second grade student at Arlington Elementary School recently chose to use her Thanksgiving project to thank Adult & Child staff.


The note reads: 

Dear Adult and Child,
I am thankful for you. For helping me be happy or sad. You all are sweet. I love you all so much. You are great I just love you. Please be here next year. I love you all.
Left wing: You help people. I am thankful for you. / Right wing: You all are sweet.


Adult & Child supports students in 115 local schools, helping them to develop skills necessary for classroom success, while also providing counseling & other needed behavioral health supports.

An Innovative Approach: Opening the State’s First “Tech-Enabled Behavioral Health Home”

Adult and Child has received a grant from the Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA) to open a Tech-Enabled Behavioral Health Home, the first in the State of Indiana to integrate a web-based platform in their program design. People with mental illness die, on average, 25 years younger than the rest of the population, often due to unmanaged chronic disease.  This pilot program addresses the poor mental and physical health outcomes among adults experiencing a serious mental illness and gives them a single “home” for their coordinated health care services.


“We are excited to expand our services, and improve support for adults’ total health needs,” said Allen Brown, CEO at Adult and Child Center. “In addition to supporting our goals of improved health care for our clients, this model is of particular interest to many of our community partners because it allows for one stop health care shopping, social support engagements, supported employment, housing access, and on-going quality care. We believe this pilot will demonstrate both improved health outcomes and significant cost savings in treating people with serious mental illness.”



About the Tech-Enabled Behavioral Health Home

The Tech-Enabled Behavioral Health Home is aimed at improving all health outcomes, while decreasing the costs of care. Adults who struggle with co-occurring mental and chronic physical health conditions comprise 5% of the population, but are estimated to use 50% of the available health care funding, due to their inability to effectively manage their illnesses.


Research demonstrates adults who experience a serious mental illness, when left to their own devices, do not effectively manage their health (mental or physical); often resulting in early mortalities and significantly increased costs of care (increased duration and frequency of inpatient stays and increased inappropriate health care expenses).


The primary guiding principles of this program are based upon the idea that mental illness is treatable; and that the role of A&C staff is to guide and support consumers in their recovery. Core elements of the Behavioral Health Home Pilot include disease self-management supports, patient focused delivery system design, clinical decision support, clinical information systems, and encouraging community linkages. Tech-Enabled Behavioral Health Home services will be available to adults who reside in Marion and Johnson counties, and who experience serious mental health and co-occurring primary care disorders.

A&C offers FREE myStrength membership – the health club for your mind

Adult and Child Center is very excited to announce our partnership with myStrength to help the Greater Indianapolis community better track and self-manage their mental health. A&C has supported the mental health needs of the community since 1949 and we have long believed that education and prevention are critical aspects of mental health. This technology allows consumers, family members, and everyone else the opportunity to learn about and track your personal mental health trends in a manner which is tailored to your personal interests.

myStrength is like a personal trainer for your mental health – but FREE! And we are confident you will enjoy it.

Register here

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