Adult & Child Health Announces $640,000+ Grant Award for Johnson County Social Service Initiatives

Adult & Child Health has been awarded a $640,000+ grant for Parent Café programming and Family Support Services by the Family and Social Services Administration Division of Mental Health and Addiction. The grant will support social service support initiatives in Johnson County.

These funds will allow Adult & Child to implement the Be Strong Families Parent Café model and to provide Family Supports and Services through the Johnson County System of Care Collaborative. Many of the parents served by the collaborative are the most vulnerable to known risk factors such as weak social connections, limited knowledge of best parenting practices, barriers to care, and despondency in highly stressful situations.

The Parent Café will provide an opportunity for facilitating meaningful, reflective conversations that promote parent leadership and collaboration. These peer to peer learning events provide a safe, non-judgmental opportunity for parents and caregivers of families involved in the mental health system. They will be able to build protective factors while engaging in conversations about what it means to keep their children safe and families strong. In these café style conversations, parents feel comfortable and supported as they learn about System of Care and total health resources in Johnson County.

Additional to Parent Cafés, Adult & Child Health will facilitate a family support funding program. The program will provide a range of financial support for families in need. Eligible families may receive financial support for rental assistance, utility startup, food, and supportive employment resources such as uniforms, tools, and transportation.

“We are thrilled to have the chance to engage and support parents and families. Parents will be able to learn about our System of Care in Johnson County as well as Mental Health resources,” said Jennifer Disbro Director of Specialty Services at Adult & Child Health. “Community stakeholders are excited to see this opportunity available locally. We have received a lot of buzz and interest so far.”

At-risk Johnson County residents will now have the unique opportunity to build stronger families and community through cafés and support services. “My hope is that parents will believe and know they have a voice and an active role in their families with new supports to assist them,” adds Michele Neumann, Parent Café Coordinator. Michele, a former special education teacher, and administrator, joined A&C to launch and oversee the new programs. The grant will run for 21 months and is renewable up to three years.

Adult & Child Health is accredited by the Joint Commission, is a leading provider of behavioral health, child welfare, and primary health services in Central Indiana. For more information about Adult & Child, please contact Michele Neumann, Parent Café Coordinator, at 317.619.2657 or


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