Max Hoese Celebrates the “New” this New Year


This week, as we ring in the New Year, people across the world make New Year’s resolutions. “New Year, New You” is a common theme. If you’re making resolutions, but are unsure about being able to reach your goals, Max Hoese can serve as inspiration. He is living proof that  a “new you” is possible.

After 5 years in the Navy, Max spent the following 20 years living in the moment, with no plans for the future. “I would set goals, but wouldn’t ever work toward them. I didn’t believe I was going to reach them.”

In 2013, Max arrived in Indianapolis, homeless, with $10 in his pocket. While staying at a local homeless shelter, he saw a brochure about Adult & Child, whose services include helping homeless veterans. Max met with Adult & Child’s staff in January, 2014, and together they set a goal to find affordable housing, so he could move out of the homeless shelter where he had been living for 5 months. In February, Max moved into his new apartment; he will soon celebrate 2 years there. Since that time, Adult & Child has helped Max with a range of needs to enable him to remain self-sufficient, and housed.

“Every time I asked for help, they made time for me,” said Max. “They didn’t put me on the back burner. They really listen to the difficulties you’re facing. They go out of their way to make sure you’re not in that position for a long time.”

Lee Stone, an Outreach Specialist, helped Max establish a budget, and priorities – a first for him. Max credits this new focus on priorities, as well as his new network of support, with creating a lasting shift from his 20-year cycle of living day-to-day, sometimes being able to meet his needs and other times not, to today, when he is planning for the future and focusing on goals.

This year, Max Hoese has set his goals for 2016. And he intends to be among the 8% who will achieve them.

“Today, I’m calm,” said Max. “People have built up my confidence and helped me to believe in myself. I don’t want to let others down and I don’t want to let myself down.”

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