The Black Cultural Awareness Taskforce is proud to announce our 1st annual BCA Book Drive!!!

One of the unique challenges our children of color face, especially those served through our foster care program, is being in an environment with individuals who most times do not look like them and may not fully understand their cultural differences. In an effort to help bridge this gap, we are hosting our very first BCA Book Drive to provide culturally appropriate books and resources to the children we support.

We have selected a number of books and materials you can purchase via our BCA Amazon Book Drive

Select the items you want to purchase then click the “Checkout” option. Be sure to select the Adult & Child Health Attn: Kesha Conner address listed instead of your address.  The items you purchase will be delivered directly to A&C! The BCA team will keep these items on hand and will ensure they are given to the children we serve in fun knapsacks!


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