A&C Announces Health Services Team and Expansion

Adult and Child Health Announces Medical Team to Lead Primary Care and Addictions Services Expansion

Indianapolis-area Adult and Child has announced several staff additions for 2017. Known as a provider of mental health and child welfare services, Adult and Child has expanded to include primary care and addictions treatment within its array of community programs. These new service lines address gaps in the Adult and Child service continuum and support the organizational goals of moving from specialty care to comprehensive, whole-health medical services.

In late 2016, Adult and Child opened two primary care clinics at 222 E. Ohio Street in downtown Indianapolis and at 1860 Northwood Plaza in Franklin. Being new to family practice and addictions services, Adult and Child has seared out staff with the requite skills and experience needed to implement medical clinic startups. “As an organization we’re experience at behavioral health service delivery but family practice and addictions services is new space for Adult and Child,” said Dan Arens, Chief Strategy Office and Director of Community Health. “We’re fortunate to have brought a strong team together to hit the floor running.”

More than opening free-standing clinics, Mr. Arens and Dr. Arthur Flores, Chief Medical Officer are working to embed the new primary care and addictions services within Adult and Child’s existing psychiatry and mental health counseling programs. As CMO, Dr. Flores brings exceptional qualifications not only as a primary care provider, but he has also served in senior national medical leadership roles with Anthem and WebMD. Upon joining Adult and Child, Dr. Flores expressed, “I’m proud of the expanded services and how well they complement and strengthen Adult and Child’s existing programs. The patients we serve now have physicians, nurses, case managers, and counselors collaboratively managing medical and behavioral health needs in one medical home.”

In addition to Dr. Flores, Adult and Child has announced Dr. Steve Smith as Associate Director of Primary Care. With an extensive background in both research and family practice settings, Dr. Smith specializes in serving disadvantaged populations, chronic disease management, and patient-focused practice models. Dr. Smith is responsible for leading clinical practice, monitoring clinical quality, and providing direct care. Daily operations of the Indianapolis and Franklin clinics are overseen by Shannon Potter, Director of Practice Management. Shannon joins Adult and Child with experience managing multi-physician offices in large healthcare networks. Adult and Child’s practice model includes the use of Family Nurse Practitioners to provide director patient care. Mercy Moto, APRN, is stationed in the Indianapolis clinic and Darlene Newell, APRN, practices in the Franklin clinic. Both nurses come to Adult and Child with experience having served diverse patients in a variety of healthcare settings.

For the first time in Adult and Child’s history, medical services will be available to those struggling with addiction, including opioid use. Services and program development are led by Dr. Jennifer Beckwith, Associate Director of Addictions Medicine. Joining Adult and Child in November 2016, Dr. Beckwith oversees the provision of Medication-Assisted Treatment which combines the use of medication with counseling and behavioral therapies to treat substance use disorders. Dr. Beckwith’s medical experience in child psychiatry, addictionology, and the mind-body connection are supporting the integration of whole-health services in ways that weren’t possible before her arrival at Adult and Child.

Accredited by the Joint Commission, Adult & Child Health is dedicated to increasing access to high quality healthcare and social services, regardless of ability to pay. We accept most major insurance plans, including Medicaid and HIP 2.0. For more information about Adult and Child, please contact Britney Veach, Director of Mission Advancement, at 317-982-0047 or bveach@adultandchild.org

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