School Based Services

Our School Based services are designed to help kids conquer all types of barriers to school success, including social, behavioral, and developmental, through one-on-one therapeutic support & skills development.

OUR School based teams:

There are many people at Adult & Child Health who are working to improve the lives of the students we serve. You will regularly see your A&C Therapist and Skills Development Specialist(s) at your school. The Lead Clinician and Team Leader support multiple schools both on and off site. Psychologists and Psychiatrists provide support at A&C offices.

Who we serve

Each student is unique. Our programs are designed to encourage their strengths and support the challenges of each child. Our trained professionals can help with:

  • Difficulty making or keeping friends
  • Oppositional behavior or defiance
  • Inappropriate anger or aggression
  • Experiences with trauma
  • Frequent behavior outbursts
  • Sudden change in social interactions, sleep, or dietary patterns
  • Social withdrawal and/or recurring  sadness

How services are funded

As a health care organization, we provide medically necessary services that are billed directly to the student’s insurance carrier. If services are not covered by insurance, we have self-pay and slide scale fee options. Our Benefits Navigation Specialists and Providers work directly with the student’s caregiver to determine what mental health services are covered by insurance, and will explore other options as needed.

Referral Process

Referrals usually come from teachers and school staff, and/or parents who see a need for services. Typically, we ask that the school be the first point of contact with the family to gauge interest in services. Our qualified therapists will then contact parents and schedule the initial assessment. After the assessment is completed, we determine what services will be provided and collaborate with the family and school staff to develop a treatment plan.

Contact us at 317.882.5122

School Based Informational Flyers

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