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How Blue Triangle helped a homeless man recover

Luis Rios and his daughter, Jenaveve, relax outside the home where Rios’ wife, Griselda, ...

Spotlight On: Wraparound Services

(Editor’s note: Names have been changed to protect anonymity) This team will laugh often,...

Spotlight on: Job Links

Anyone who has conducted a job search knows it’s not easy. The fill-out-an-application, g...

Spotlight on: Open Access

You have mental illness and it’s time to get help. Your research led you here, dialing the numb...

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Just a few of our patients share their personalized stories of recovery.
As a Child Welfare Specialist, I share my personal recovery story to give people hope and to let them know things will get better.


A&C Child Welfare Specialist

Everything happens for a reason; that includes being raised in foster care."


A&C patient

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the people who cared about me.”


A&C Patient

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