Genoa Pharmacy: A&C’s Partner in Meds

Walking into the little pharmacy operating out of our 8320 Madison Avenue location, you immediately feel a shift in the workday tempo. This team is a hive mind, buzzing around the office in a way that seems chaotic at first, but settle in and there’s a rhythm, ticked off by the clatter of pills into plastic cups and the ring of telephones, the constant communication that flows from one person to the next to the next. When Genoa first partnered with A&C almost exactly ten years ago, they were a modest company, but today they’ve grown to 400 pharmacies in 44 different states with a thriving telepsychiatry business to top it off.

Talking with Pharmacist Brad Goedeker about how Genoa’s growth alongside Adult and Child, you get the sense that this team leads with heart. That their clients are what matters most to them. He speaks passionately about their mission to innovate new ways to serve A&C’s unique client base. They pack months worth of meds into med tubs for people with limited mobility or transportation, they use A&C’s courier service and often ship meds to clients’ front doors, they synchronize meds: grouping pills by day in dated, small packs bound into long ribbons. They will sometimes help clients enroll for insurance and/or act as a client’s advocate in med-related insurance matters. “Anything extra we can do to make sure they don’t miss something. We’re constantly trying to think of new ways to achieve that,” said Brad. “It’s like, if you can come up with it, we’ll put it together if we can create better positive attitudes and have folks think highly of us.”

“We’re always trying to avoid anybody having to change their regimen because whatever drug becomes unavailable. It happened this week with Invega brand name tablets, we identified that we had one client that has to take brand Invega, six milligrams, because his insurance prefers brand versus generic. Well, it’s not available now for three weeks, you can’t get it. Well, I was able to secure that from a Genoa pharmacy in Illinois that did not need it, and we had them ship it directly to us from their supply. So, this client is not going to miss a dose and he doesn’t have to change his meds. So, that’s a big win. We pride ourselves on that kind of stuff.”

In this way, they seem like the perfect partner for A&C, always innovating & collaborating, asking what more they can do to serve the client in front of them.


    Victoria Griffith

    I have been coming to Adult and Child and using Genoa for 4 years. During this time, my meds have changed, increased, decreased, etc. The staff at Genoa couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful. They have worked with me and my doctors to ensure everything went smoothly when changing or getting meds. They are currently mailing my meds to me which I normally get the very next day! I really appreciate all of them and their knowledge and professionalism. I just wanted to say thank you! Way better than any outside pharmacy and I feel like I matter to them.


      Thank you so much for your kind words, Victoria. Genoa really does go above and beyond for our clients & we’re so happy they’ve helped you!

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