Adult & Child Health Gears up for Year Two of Kendrick Foundation Grant Funded Program Supporting Morgan County Schools

Adult & Child Health (A&C) is excited to announce a successful start to the second year of their partnership with Kendrick Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization that supports education and initiatives that improve the health and well-being of Morgan County residents. Kendrick Foundation awarded A&C over $540,000 of grant funding this year as part of a three-year commitment to support school-based and school-linked mental health services for Morgan County school-aged youth.

During the first year of the program, A&C served nearly 200 students across Mooresville, Martinsville, and Monrovia school districts. With those students enrolled in services, A&C provided over 1,400 individual therapy sessions, 160 group therapy sessions, and completed 34 assessments with students experiencing a mental health crisis. Additionally, A&C provided teacher support through professional development, education, and group therapy services for interested staff. Beyond the school setting, A&C staff worked with more than 40 families of enrolled students as a link to clinical services and family therapy sessions.

The partnership with Kendrick Foundation began its second year this July and has continued to be a well-received collaboration across the county. The impact to students, teachers, and families has improved school operations. “This has been a positive collaboration with A&C staff. The staff work to meet the needs of the whole child and desire to be part of the school team. The work done in the Positive Approach to Student Success (PASS) program and support has been very beneficial to this student group. We’re excited about the continued services and future opportunities for this program in Mooresville Schools,” said Windy McGowen, Mooresville County School District.

The year-two initiatives for Adult & Child Health will include an increase in community outreach, caregiver support and training, teacher support and training, building connections across Morgan County, increased mental health awareness education, and continued service provision for more youth and families across Morgan County.

“We have developed such a solid infrastructure across the county and are so excited to continue to offer mental health training and support, increase collaboration in each district, and thrilled to partner with others in the community to increase connection. We believe we can build on last year’s success to have an even better school year,” said Elizabeth Stirn, LCSW, Assistant Director of School-based Services.


Adult & Child Health is an accredited nonprofit primary care, behavioral health, and social services provider with multiple locations in central Indiana.  We strive for caring communities, where every child, adult and family have the opportunities they need to live healthy, happy, productive lives. For more information about Adult & Child Health programs, please contact Cate Porter, Marketing & Communication Manager, at 317-882-5122.

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