The Power of "&"

It is a great privilege to write our own life story and inform the stories of others. However, hardship and mental health issues can shrink the vastness of life down to a single, seemingly inescapable moment. So many people in our community feel trapped in that moment.

Adult & Child Health believes in walking alongside our clients on their journey and giving them the tools needed to start new chapters of their life story. We help them realize that misfortune and mistakes are only antagonists to overcome. Their story doesn’t end with hardship, there are always more & more & more chapters to be written.

So what better symbol to bond us to our mission than the ampersand?

It’s a symbol of unity, a symbol of continuation, a symbol of more yet to come. The ampersand binds the old & the new and reminds us that the story isn’t over yet.

We keep in mind the power of “and” as we help our clients start the next part of their story. Always know that, for us, the ampersand symbolizes another chance, another day, another chapter.

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