A&C Supports 115 Central Indiana Schools

Over the past 5-7 years, school districts and Community Mental Health Centers have worked very closely to better serve the behavioral health and social needs of the families and students in our community.  In recent years, evidence has demonstrated the remarkable impact early identification and intervention can have upon lifelong illnesses like mental illness.  Adult and Child Center has been very proactive in working with communities and schools to increase access to services in their communities and school based partnerships are a great example of A&C’s willingness to innovate.

Currently, Adult and Child Center has clinical staff (Therapists and Skills Development Specialists) embedded in 115 Central Indiana Schools.  These staff are working with youth and families who demonstrate “at-risk” behaviors, struggle with emotional challenges which interfere with their ability to learn, or are otherwise identified as someone who might benefit from additional support.  A&C staff work with teachers, school counselors, primary care physicians, and family support networks to teach families appropriate parenting, communication, and behavior management techniques.

These services have made remarkable impact on the students and families they support.

  • 96% of surveyed school staff believe A&C services have a positive impact on the school environment
  • 91% of school staff would recommend A&C services to another school
  • 85% of parents report learning how to work with the school on meeting the social, emotional and educational needs of their child
  • 90% of parents report learning how to meet any behavioral or emotional needs of their child that might limit his or her ability to succeed in school
  • 89% of parents report feeling better equipped to handle emotional / behavioral needs of their child.
  • 87% of parents report seeing positive behavioral changes in their children since working with Adult and Child Center
  • 95% of parents report they would recommend Adult and Child Center services to another family.
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