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Matt Bane Shares Lived Experience in NAMI Keynote Session

Matt Bane speaking at the 21st Annual NAMI Indiana Mental Health and Criminal Justice Summit.
Matt Bane was recently invited to speak at the 21st Annual NAMI Indiana Mental Health and Criminal Justice Summit on his personal recovery journey and the importance of peer support roles.

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Matt Bane, Behavioral Health Liaison, lives out Adult & Child’s mission every day as a person in recovery. By sharing his personal testimony, Matt not only offers hope to those facing similar challenges, but he also educates others on the importance of mental health, crisis services, and peer support.

Matt was recently invited to speak at the 21st Annual NAMI Indiana Mental Health and Criminal Justice Summit. In a keynote session titled, “Navigating National Peer Support Across the Crisis Continuum and Personal Resilience,” Matt and Amy Brinkley, Senior Recovery Support Systems Coordinator with the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, blended data-driven insights with lived experience to advocate for a deeper understanding of the crisis continuum.

“Matt is incredibly passionate about all the “work” he does,” said Cassie Squillace, Director of Culture and Talent. “I am intentionally putting ‘work” in quotations because I think that when you care so deeply about what you are doing every day, you don’t view it as work. You view it as a privilege and an honor, and that is what Matt does when he shows up for organizations, whether it is Adult & Child or NAMI or a different organization.”

During his presentation, Matt shared how thirty seconds of care and hope shown to him by an intake specialist were crucial in setting him up on a path to receive the support he needed. He also explained how his role as a peer has further reinforced his own recovery.

“[Matt] is in the perfect space within his role right now to meaningfully share his own recovery journey, to educate others internally and externally on what peer recovery is and the importance of this work, and to help grow peer recovery supports,” said Cassie.

To learn more about peer support services, including the many roles that peers can play, the benefits of peer support, and employment options for peers, please contact Matt Bane at mbane@adultandchild.org. View Adult & Child’s current job openings.

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Agency News

Adult & Child Health Receives CCBHC Designation

Adult & Child Health, a leading community mental health center in Central Indiana, is thrilled to announce it has been designated as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC). This designation is announced alongside the exciting news that Indiana was selected as one of 10 new states to join the CCBHC Medicaid Demonstration Program. By becoming a CCBHC, Adult & Child Health can unlock critical resources to address the growing need for mental health services in Indianapolis. This includes crisis care, improved staff recruitment and retention thanks to sustainable funding, and the ability to expand their service offerings. CCBHC will allow Adult & Child Health to offer competitive compensation and top-of-market wages, making them a more attractive workplace for qualified providers. With the rich history and commitment of Adult & Child Health to making a difference, they can achieve even greater impact through this transformation. “Indiana’s selection for the CCBHC program is a major step forward in strengthening mental health resources for residents,” said C.J. Davis, CEO, Adult & Child Health. “This designation allows us to make a significant impact by expanding access to essential mental health services in Central Indiana. We’re committed to ensuring our community members have the resources they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.” The Biden-Harris Administration announced the additional states being added to the CCBHC program earlier today. Adult & Child Health had been selected by the state to be a CCBHC if Indiana was selected, but the decision of which states would be selected to join the program had been pending until today. CCBHC is a transformational program that provides sustainable funding for designated organizations and has been shown to increase access to mental health and substance use care, reduce homelessness and substance use, decrease use of emergency rooms and hospitalizations and improve overall health outcomes. It requires that designated CCBHC organizations provide 24/7 crisis services, outpatient care within 10 business days, medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder, care coordination and support services, as well as other evidence-based treatments.

School Based Services

Perry Township School Enjoys a Successful Summer SEL-ebration

Students and families at Glenns Valley Elementary enjoyed a Summer SEL-ebration on May 15 thanks to the planning and preparation of Glenns Valley Elementary SEL Specialist, Miranda Mellendorf, and Glenns Valley Elementary Social Worker, Amanda Craig, along with support from the GVE PTA, GVE teachers, and additional members of the A&C SEL team. Attendees made tie-dye t-shirts, slime, decorated some petunia plants to take home, added to the GVE Gratitude Banner, helped with a collaborative sticker mosaic, played outdoor games, and discovered how all of these fun activities can help promote SEL. The event was free for students and their families and was made possible by a Family Engagement Impact Grant from the Perry Township Education Foundation.

Sarah Miller, PMHNP-BC

Sarah Miller works with the addictions team, general psychiatry for adolescents and adults, and the competency restoration team. She is board-certified as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Her specialties are working in addictions and with people who experience serious mental illness.

Miller graduated from Indiana University with a psychology degree and went back to school for nursing. She received her nursing degree from Indiana Wesleyan University and worked in a nursing home and also spent time working in a group home with adolescents. She received her master’s degree from Vanderbilt University.

She enjoys hanging out with her family and her two dogs, and going to sporting events.

Joanna Chambers, MD

Dr. Joanna Chambers is a psychiatrist who began seeing Adult & Child Health patients in November 2021. She graduated from Medical College of Georgia with her Doctorate of Medicine in 1996 and completed her residency in psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine. In addition to bringing a wealth of experience, she currently serves as an associate professor at Indiana University School of Medicine where she teaches Clinical Psychiatry. She is certified in Addiction Medicine and has a special interest in treating pregnant and postpartum women. She is President of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry Organization as well as a sitting member of many medical association boards. Recently, she has won the Residents’ Award for Teaching Excellence in 2020 from Indiana University and has received “Best Doctors Award” in 2010, 2011, and 2014. Dr. Chambers is incredibly active in the medical, academic, and research realms of medicine. She is currently accepting new patients on Wednesdays.