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Marion & Johnson County Wraparound

This committed team develops an individual plan of care for each youth and family that includes resources, talents, and strengths to address the underlying needs of the youth served.

What is Wraparound?

High Fidelity Wraparound is a collaborative approach to addressing mental health and behavioral challenges in children and youth. 

Wraparound utilizes a team of support to develop an individualized plan of care based on a child’s:




Wraparound services focus on the following principles:

  • Family voice and choice
  • Individualized
  • Strengths-based
  • Natural supports
  • Collaboration
  • Unconditional care
  • Community-based
  • Culturally Competent
  • Team-based
  • Outcomes-based

Wraparound does include:

  • Family partnerships

  • Different plan for each youth

  • Focus on strengths to resolve problems

  • Professionals partner with families for solutions

  • Natural supports and professional services

  • Single plan with cross-system integration

  • “What happened to you?”

Wraparound does not include:

  • Family blaming

  • Same plan for all youth

  • Focus on problems

  • Professionals have all the answers

  • Only professional services

  • Multiple plans for youth

  • “What’s wrong with you?”

Meet Our Wraparound Facilitators


Wrap Facilitator

How long have you been facilitating? Since August 2023.

Work Experience related to WF role: Prior to my job at Adult & Child, I specialized in sexual abuse trauma in children/teens.

Fun Fact: I am a twin!

Interests: I love to read and watch movies. I enjoy baking.

Education/Degree: BSW from Manchester University.

Years in the field: 7 years.

High 5 strengths: Time Keeper, Empathizer, Deliverer, Strategist, and Problem Solver.

Podcast/book: Book – I love anything from Jodi Picoult.

Music: Late 90’s/ 2000’s music, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley.

Wrap Superpower Skill: Treating the family with empathy.

Why you do this work: I have a passion for helping people and making sure that everyone is treated with respect and compassion. 


Wrap Facilitator

How long have you been facilitating? Since late 2023.

Work Experience related to WF role: I have worked in the child welfare branch of social work for since graduating from Ball State in 2017.

Fun Fact: I was born in Kansas!

Interests: Playing Dungeons and Dragons, binge watching Netflix.

Education/Degree: Bachelor’s in social work.

Years in the field: 7 years.

High 5 strengths: Empathizer, Timekeeper, Deliverer, Coach, and Chameleon.

Podcast/book: Morbid Podcast, and Lord of the Rings book series.

Music: Pop and Musicals (also some pop punk and rock).

Wrap Superpower Skill: Being a good listener.

Why you do this work: I like being able to make a difference in my community.


Lead Wrap Facilitator

How long have you been facilitating? Since January 2017.

Work Experience related to WF role: Skills Specialist working with Elementary and Intermediate age students and caregivers starting in July 2015 until shifting to facilitation.

Fun Fact: I am not super athletic, but I love watching sports like football, baseball, basketball, golf, and combat sports.

Interests: I enjoy watching documentaries and trash tv. I love animals, but cats are my favorite especially my cat Jack Meower.

Education/Degree: Bachelor’s in Psychology with minor in Sociology and Criminology.

Years in the field: Since 2015.

High 5 strengths: Empathizer, Coach, Time Keeper, Deliverer, and Philomath.

Podcast/book: Stuff about psychology and sports.

Music: Little bit of everything, but my favorite period of music is the 90s.

Wrap Superpower Skill: Building rapport and validating families experiences.

Why you do this work: I love partnering with families to help them in their hard times after being failed by the system. I love wraparound because it is strengths-based and trying to focus on the positive even in hard times. I enjoy the concept of meeting underlying needs versus chasing behaviors/symptoms.


Wrap Facilitator

How long have you been facilitating? I have been a Wraparound Facilitator since 7/2023.

Work Experience related to WF role: Prior to becoming a Wraparound facilitator, I worked as a State Eligibility    Consultant for FSSA, DCS as a Permanency Family Case Manager and Lawrence Township Metropolitan School District as an instructional Assistant focusing on children with behavioral needs.

Fun Fact: Fun facts about me are that I am a twin. I have a twin brother; we were born 8 minutes apart due to me hiding. My parents weren’t aware, and both blacked out at birth! Lol!

Another fun fact is that I am 41, however people assume I am way younger, and I have two sons who are 16 and 12 ½.

Interests: Traveling and trying different ethnic foods.

Education/Degree: I have a B.S. in Psychology.

Years in the field: I have worked in social services since 2008 or 2009.

High 5 strengths:

Empathy, Coaching, Problem Solving, Strategizing, and Thinking.

Podcast/book: I haven’t listened to any podcast or read any good books lately, however I do binge watch crime tv and enjoy word searches.

Music: I enjoy old school R&B.

Wrap Superpower Skill: Trying to remain positive and bring out positivity in families even in periods of crisis and uncertainty.

Why you do this work: The feeling of knowing one small token of my gratitude or empathy towards youth and families can make the slightest difference or change.


Wrap Facilitator

How long have you been facilitating? Since April 2017.

Work Experience related to WF role: Before wraparound, I worked at a community resourcing agency supervising DCS visitations and helping with transports for children and families. I also provided fatherhood curriculum case management work, and later started working in Community Partners program. In 2016, I moved to Columbus to become a family support specialist briefly before starting my work as a facilitator.

Fun Fact: In my free time, I enjoy roller skating and am a head referee for Columbus Terrorz Roller Derby team. I also spend time playing Ultimate Frisbee for fun.

Interests: Board and card games, Video Games, Roller Skating, Traveling, Ultimate Frisbee.

Education/Degree: BS in Human Services from Purdue University.

Years in the field: 10 years.

High 5 strengths: Deliver, Peacekeeper, Coach, Problem Solver, Chameleon.

Podcast/book: Distractibles Podcast.

Music: Hard rock, 90s alternative.

Wrap Superpower Skill: Strengths- I love pulling people’s strengths and talents into planning to help them thrive and do well in the future. Everyone has something positive to contribute to any team.

Why you do this work: I want to give hope and power to all families I partner with. It may be easy to get focused on the negatives and behaviors, but helping families learn what their strengths are and that there may be other options other than services can teach them to be able to solve any problem that may come up in the future. I love it when teams are looking for creative solutions to help make things better for the child(ren) and the family, even if the answer isn’t obvious or the first thing we try. I remind them of a process we go through to support each other and adjust our plan based off what works and what doesn’t to find the recipe for success.


Wrap Facilitator

How long have you been facilitating? I started facilitating June of 2023.

Work Experience related to WF role: Before joining Adult and Child I worked for 6 years as a Family Case Manager with the Department of Child Services. 

Fun Fact: I was born here in Indiana but raised in Florida from the age of 5 years old.  And yes, I worked for the Mouse. 

Interests: I enjoy true crime shows, documentaries, podcasts, and TV shows. I love animals, especially my fur babies: Carly (dog), Mika (dog), and Tessa (cat).

Education/Degree: BS in Bible with an emphasis on Children and Family Ministry.  I am currently going for my master’s in forensic psychology.

Years in the field: I have been in the social services field for over 6 years now.

High 5 strengths: Strategist, Believer, Problem Solver, Philomath, and Coach.

Podcast/book: Crime Junkie, Murderish, LA Not So Confidential, Sword and Scale, 10ish.

Book: Harry Potter (favorite is Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince); Star Wars Legends (still mad at Disney for not making them Canon grr); Any of the Sarah J Maas books but love the Court of Rose and Thornes series the best; Lord of the Rings; thriller murder mystery books.

Music: Just about anything but gangster rap.

Wrap Superpower Skill: Building rapport with families and engagement. 

Why you do this work: I enjoy working with families to help them improve themselves and family life for the better.  I enjoy wrap as I am able to help families who want the help and are not court ordered to get the help. 


Wrap Facilitator

How long have you been facilitating? I have been a wrap facilitator since June of 2022.

Work Experience related to WF role: Prior to becoming a WF, I worked with youth in the school setting as a skills specialist for 5 ½ years. Before that I worked with adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Fun Fact: One time I caught a guitar pick from my favorite band at a concert!

Interests: I love watching movies and shows in my free time, especially scary ones! I have a cat with a big personality that I love spending time with. I love trying new foods and going to concerts.

Education/Degree: Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology with minors in Sociology and Film Studies.

Years in the field: 9 years.

High 5 strengths: Deliverer, Time Keeper, Coach, Empathizer, and Thinker.

Podcast/book: I don’t read as much as I should, but when I do read, I enjoy thrillers. I enjoy a number of comedy and film podcasts!

Music: I like to listen to mostly Indie rock, but like a lot of different genres including classic rock, emo, oldies, soundtracks, etc! I love going to concerts and seeing live music.

Wrap Superpower Skill: I am good at connecting with families and being a team player. I am good at building rapport and feel that people tend to open up to me and feel comfortable sharing about sometimes difficult topics.

Why you do this work: I really enjoy when teams are all working together well to help support families in the ways they need, and empowering families to make positive changes. It is very exciting to look back several months and see all the positive changes and progress families make in services.


Wrap Team Leader

How long have you been facilitating? I’ve been facilitating since January 2009.

Work Experience related to WF role: I’ve worked with kids and families to help them develop coping skills, find supports in their communities, and advocate for themselves. I’ve also led skills-building groups. I’ve facilitated community meetings to raise awareness and support for families’ needs. I’ve also helped families successfully move toward closure of Probation and DCS cases. I’ve helped families to partner with schools to make sure their child’s needs are met, and advocate for what they need.

Fun Fact: I’ve been whitewater rafting on class 4 & 5 rapids.

Interests: I love to bake cupcakes, spend time with my family, watch movies, listen to live music, read, and try new foods. True crime shows and podcasts are my jam!

Education/Degree: BA in Psychology and BA Telecommunications from IU, MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Years in the field: I’ve partnered with youth and families in behavioral health since 2002.

High 5 Strengths: Coach, Problem Solver, Philomath, Thinker, and Believer.

Podcast/book: The Body Keeps the Score is an excellent book. Some of my favorite podcasts are I Survived, Dark Arenas, and A Bit of Optimism.

Music: I love music! 90’s Hip Hop, Jack Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Otis Redding, and Ella Fitzgerald are some of my favorites.

Wrap Superpower Skill: I love helping youth and families discover strengths and build on them. A strong foundation of strengths and a collaborative team are really important for success.

Why you do this work: I love partnering with youth and families to help them better understand each other and grow together. I also believe it’s really important that youth have a voice in their lives and their treatment process so they’re engaged and everyone’s on the same page working as a team toward common goals.


Wrap Team Leader

How long have you been facilitating? Since September 2014.

Work Experience related to WF role: Before wraparound, I worked in residential and community-based settings, teaching life skills and parenting skills. I have been a wraparound facilitator since 2014, and added a supervisor role in 2020.

Fun Fact: I was born and raised in Texas and most things I own have something to do with Texas, with things like coffee mugs and about half of my wardrobe having to do with the Texas Longhorns.

Interests: Hiking, Traveling, Playing with my dog Abby, Disc Golf, Board Games, Video Games.

Education/Degree: BA in Psychology.

Years in the field: 13 years.

High 5 strengths: Strategist, Commander, Deliverer, Empathizer, Philomath.

Podcast/book: Bobby Bones Show, Crime Junkie, Horns247.

Music: Classical, Ska, Rock, most things from the 90s.

Wrap Superpower Skill: Engaging Teams. I’m passionate about wraparound and enjoy helping others see how amazing it is and really buying in.

Why you do this work: After working in different settings in the mental health field, I have seen the need for really bringing together a team and ensuring everyone is working in the best direction to address deeper needs. My mind is very analytical and I love the challenge of collaborating with a team to find plans that may help and going through trial and error, as each individual alone doesn’t have the answer. A team working together as one can really make a lasting difference, and I’ve been involved with wraparound long enough to really see it do amazing things.

Connecting to Support

To make a Wraparound referral, anyone may either:

Call 2-1-1 and ask for assistance to make a “wraparound referral.”

Visit Indiana’s Child Mental Health Portal and click “New Referral: Request Youth Assessment.”

To learn more about High Fidelity Wraparound, please visit:

Sarah Miller, PMHNP-BC

Sarah Miller works with the addictions team, general psychiatry for adolescents and adults, and the competency restoration team. She is board-certified as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Her specialties are working in addictions and with people who experience serious mental illness.

Miller graduated from Indiana University with a psychology degree and went back to school for nursing. She received her nursing degree from Indiana Wesleyan University and worked in a nursing home and also spent time working in a group home with adolescents. She received her master’s degree from Vanderbilt University.

She enjoys hanging out with her family and her two dogs, and going to sporting events.

Joanna Chambers, MD

Dr. Joanna Chambers is a psychiatrist who began seeing Adult & Child Health patients in November 2021. She graduated from Medical College of Georgia with her Doctorate of Medicine in 1996 and completed her residency in psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine. In addition to bringing a wealth of experience, she currently serves as an associate professor at Indiana University School of Medicine where she teaches Clinical Psychiatry. She is certified in Addiction Medicine and has a special interest in treating pregnant and postpartum women. She is President of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry Organization as well as a sitting member of many medical association boards. Recently, she has won the Residents’ Award for Teaching Excellence in 2020 from Indiana University and has received “Best Doctors Award” in 2010, 2011, and 2014. Dr. Chambers is incredibly active in the medical, academic, and research realms of medicine. She is currently accepting new patients on Wednesdays.