We asked our staff...

“What’s great about working for Adult & Child?”

They Said:

Great Work Environment

To provide our employees with greater work-life balance, Adult & Child Health provides flexible work options for many of our positions. A variety of flexible work options are available, including: compressed work weeks (for example, when staff members work four 10-hour days each week), job sharing, and flexible scheduling that allows employees to work a unique schedule that best fits their needs.

Our leadership team believes great ideas come from all employees. That’s why we pioneer programs like the IDEAS Project where teams develop new project or improvement ideas and implement them themselves without waiting for changes from the top down.

Our clients are the reason for everything we do. The stories of achievement, healing, & hope we hear on a regular basis are what inspire us to keep moving forward.

Adult & Child Health’s mission-driven culture would not exist without the hard work of our staff.  It takes special people to serve others with such compassion & intelligence, and we are fortunate to have an abundance of them.

We consistently invest in new technology to give our staff the best tools to innovate & collaborate. Over the years we’ve improved infrastructure and updated technology as we strive to keep abreast of the latest technological industry trends.

We equip our staff with smartphones, light & thin laptops for servicing clients on the go, and updated EMR systems for providing the best client care and documentation.

Ongoing Professional Development

Staff members are encouraged to participate in training opportunities that allow them to best meet the needs of their clients. Employees can request training through outside sources like conferences, seminars, etc. for additional development & training.

Staff gain the experience of working with a diverse population at home, in schools, and out in the community.

Adult & Child Health understands the importance of licensure and professional organization affiliations for clinical staff. We reimburse staff for licensure testing, professional licensure fees, and other appropriate fees.

We also have a team dedicated to providing the supervision hours needed toward licensure.

Fringe Benefits

Generous Paid Time Off, Employer Match 401(k) Retirement Plan, and Mileage Reimbursement

Medical, dental, vision, & life insurance

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