Enabling Services & Supports

Benefits Navigation: A&C is very proud to offer its patients support in understanding the insurance marketplace. Our benefits navigators are trained to help patients select the best insurance option for their unique needs, complete benefits applications, and follow the process getting insurance coverage in Indiana. Navigators can also support patients in changing theri insurnace plans or changing providers.

Community Health Worker (CHW): CHW’s are trusted members of the community who work with patients to improve access to community services and coordinate their health care. They provide individual and group based health education, friendly support, and ongoing advocacy. A&C’s CHW’s are trained to support the need of patients who have behavioral health and physical health conditions and can improve your overall health experience by helping you remove barriers to good health.

Emergency After Hours Support: If you have an urgent medical question after our offices are closed, A&C does provide phone triage and support services to our patients by calling 317-882-5122.

Health Care Coordination: Care Coordination is a very important part of good health. When people experience multiple illnesses, managing appointments, medications, and specialty care can get complicated. For eligible patients, Care Coordinators will help you set goals and stay on track with your health care through a variety of patient friendly supports.

Health Education and Support: An important part of overcoming the symptoms of an illness includes learning about the illness. A&C staff provide one on one and group education opportunities for a variety of illnesses including diabetes, COPD, tobacco cessation, nutrition, depression, anxiety, behavioral change, and many more. Ask your provider for more information about these opportunities!

Patient Portal Access: A&C patients are encouraged to sign up for our patient portal. Once established, you can access lab results, review disease education materials, and ask your provider team questions through the portal. Sign up at the front desk or established pateints can visit adultandchild.org/portal to register for an account.

Sliding Fee Scale: A&C wants to see you healthy – regardless of your insurance coverage. We’re happy to provide services on an income based discount fee scale and connect you with a benefits navigator to help you apply for benefits. Ask for more information and registration requirements at the front desk.

Supported Employment: A&C’s supported employment team works with patients and community employers to identify job seekers interests and connect them with training programs and long term employers. Ask for a referral at the front desk.

Translation Services: A&C serves patients from all cultural backgrounds and offers on-site and telephonic translation services whenever possible. Please notify our staff of your needs when you schedule an appointment.

Transportation Assistance: Getting into the clinic is the first step toward better health. While we can’t pick you up, we can help you navigate transportation options and establish a plan to get to and from future appointments. Ask to speak with a Community Health Worker for support!

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