Adult and Child Health Helps people find work and become great employees

Adult & Child Health offers supported employment through its JobLinks program, connecting individuals with the resources and services needed to enter or re-enter the workforce on their paths to self-sufficiency. JobLinks Employment Specialists can help with:

• Career Exploration & Counseling
• Work incentives planning and assistance
• Career Development & Training
• Employment Search
• Computer/Internet Access
• Ticket to Work Support
• Job & Interview Coaching
• Ongoing Mentoring & Follow-Up

Everyone deserves an opportunity to work

For more than 20 years, Adult & Child Health’s JobLinks program has helped the people of Central Indiana to not only find employment but also to develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace.

A nationally accredited provider of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, JobLinks services focus on the individual throughout the employment process—identifying options that fit each client’s personal interests, goals, and job skills. With an established network of local employers who look to JobLinks for strong employees, we help about 300 people each year find the opportunity that’s right for them.

Joblink Information Card

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