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Since the 1990s, Adult & Child Health has focused on delivering evidence-based practices to clients of all ages who experience serious mental illness. Our community-based mental health programs are delivered by multi-disciplinary treatment teams who are specifically trained to offer the very best person-centered recovery supports in the behavioral health industry.

Along with being an industry leader, Adult & Child Health was one of the earliest implementers of Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration in Central Indiana. Currently, adults who experience serious mental illness and a co-occurring physical illness (e.g. COPD, diabetes, or obesity) are passing away 25 years earlier than the average person, often due to ineffectively managed chronic disease.  Adult & Child Health clients are encouraged to learn how to better self-manage their chronic disease through individual and group education, peer support, and skills development training


Community Based Mental Health Care

Homeless Engagement

Integrated Care

Transitional Living

Children's Mental Health

School Based Services

Therapeutic Foster Care

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